Echo Marine is the authorised service centre for HEM desalinators and water treatment equipment in Palma and can arrange all aspects of installation, servicing and repair.

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  • Reverse osmosis desalinators
  • Pure R.O.
  • Water softeners
  • Fresh water skids
  • Hydrophore systems
  • Sterilisers
Series 20

HEM reverse osmosis desalinators

The HEM range of reverse osmosis desalinators covers all requirements from compact, cost effective units for smaller yachts to the largest ultra-rugged duplex units, capable of high sustained output under continuous operation, where reliability is essential.

Series 30 Duplex
Series 80

HEM Pure R.O.

These units are specially designed to produce demineralised water which can be used as technical water, most frequently for washing down the hulls of yachts, especially if they are of a dark colour.
This saves a lot of manpower and time when it comes to the hull washdown, since the demineralised water leaves no streaks or traces.


HEM Water Softeners

The main benefit of installing a water softener on a yacht is to reduce the risk of calcium build-up in water heaters, heat exchangers, piping and hydrophore tanks. The removal of hardness caused by calcium and magnesium is achieved through the exchange of sodium ions.


HEM Fresh Water Skids

HEM produce a range of fresh water skids with capacities from 10m3/h to 40m3/h. These feature prefiltration, active charcoal filters and silver ion sterilisers and/or UV sterilisers mounted within a frame.


HEM Hydrophore Systems

This new electronically controlled hydrophore system incorporates state-of-the-art frequency drives, pumps and control technology to provide responsive and reliable water distribution for yachts.


HEM Sterilisers

Several types of sterilisers are available based on UV, silver ion or a combination of silver ion and copper which is more effective than silver alone in the disinfection of potable water systems. Echo Marine will be pleased to advise you on the best steriliser for your particular application.


Hot Water Systems for superyachts

All the hot water you want with none of the time consuming element changes due to the build-up of scale. The Cathelco HEM hot water system uses tank-in-tank technology to regenerate hot water more quickly. The space saving system is designed for flexible installation with a choice of modular or skid mounted units. For more information download a brochure from our site.